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My interesting in Guitar playing was born in 19 74 my Age was 13 yaers and i started with an old Acoustic Guitar and i had a lot of Fun but that was not enough for me. The Music that i was listening was so much different and i wanted to play this Music , but the sound from the Accoustic Guitar was very different. So i must buy a Elektric Guitar, my first one was a Epiphone ( By Gibson ) SG Standard because that was the Guitar from one of myn Favoriete bands, ( AC/DC ) I learned to play the sounds from AC/DC and the Sound was very good. My Amplifier was an Emthree Combo 50 Watts




with a footpedal for the Distortion sounds too. So i play with my Brother and he plays the drums,i was dreaming all the Time to be a Rockstar but I had a lot of Work to do.because i must learn to play good en right my Guitar. I had to listen the Music and try to play like the Music that i was listening and that was very Difficult for me but i never give up. I workd hard on it and that was my life and i can not live without this kind of Music, My Music came from Kiss and Status Quo Alice Cooper and many moore i don't know exactly how many but there was enough to learn and playing. Early in the 80's came Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and i like this kind of Music pretty much,and playing like this Bands, there was Judas Priest Saxxon Iron Maiden AC/DC Winger Motorhead Motley Crue and many many moore.there are many German bands like Scorpions Accept and many others.And all this Bands are my Favoriete and i learned to play like these Guys. And iam very proud to play like them, but i had all the time my own Styl to play my Guitar because i create a new styl for me to play my things and had to go with the Time, Hard Rock was changed and i must play a little different now but i like my own way to play it and i have a great plaesure to do it.


                My Equipment is as follows my Amp is a Hughes & Kettner Top 100 watts and 4 x 12 inch Cabinet



here are some guitars that plays very good, Les Paul Left hand Gothic Flying V Ibanez twice st gio black and white Epiphone SG Standard red and a Warlock left hand and another Hoefner. My studio consists of a mixer Akai Proffessionel M614 I have for the Drums Dr Rhythm Boss I use for the effeckts on guitar, a four way Boss pedal for distortion and compression chorus delay my things are very simple and yet from the good old days, But I like to work with the old things I play everything myself and record it on myself too, for some effects that I use, I look in the Internett I play all direct and mix it afterwards then just right. My songs are all composed by me and have a special meaning for me I love to compose when I have the right inspiration at the moment I am working on my new album No 13... I already have 11 songs ready and I hope the rest wil comes very soon. I have no financial interest why I make the music it makes me happy and have fun to make music.